Thursday, November 20, 2008

Throwback Thursday

I'm feeling a little homesick today, so for the Throwback this week I'm taking it to my old neck of the woods with the classic Soul Food by Goodie Mob. It's always good to hear Cee-Lo rhyming, and the rest of the Mob for that matter. Big Gipp was always a favorite of mine, especially his first verse on this one. I'm also reminded of laughing with my highschool buddy Josh whenever T-Mo's verse toward the end comes in. His admonishment of Chris Darden and Marsha Clark fell right in line with what we saw as a talent for kinda throwing off the vibe of whatever Goodie Mob song he happened to be on.

I think I'm going to just drop two videos each week, 'cause every time I go looking for one to post I end up with a handful to pick from. This is Goodie Mob's collaboration with Esthero (definitely not a team-up I was expecting back when this came out), a reworking of the song Country Livin' from her debut album. This version was done for the Slam movie soundtrack, which explains the jailhouse scenes and Saul Williams cameos:

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