Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday: Escape from the Doldruming

So another Monday, and malaise has once again set in over Camp What's Good, but I refuse to give in. While I make preparations with some associates to go in on a 'Reasons Why Eli from Let the Right One In could obliterate the whole of the Twilight universe' post, have some music that's helping me through today.

Jazzanova's a German (ah, the homeland...sorta) production outfit that specializes in chilled out and for lack of a better term, jazzy music. They've got a diverse array of remixes to their credit (The Free Design, Ursula Rucker and 4hero have all gotten the touch from J-Nova), and do a helluva job on the solo tip. Today one of the joints from their latest album Of All The Things has been in constant rotation, and it features Phonte from Little Brother singing the hook and rhyming over the track.

Jazzanova feat. Phonte - So Far From Home

As a bonus, here's one of my favorite remixes from Jazznova, a reworking of folk group The Free Design's Lullaby. Throw it on when you're laying down for the evening.

The Free Design - Lullaby (J-Nova Remix)

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