Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Stuff: Outasight's album Radio New York

Got this cat's album in the email a few days ago and just now had a chance to listen it. Usually blending singing with rapping is something that is either reserved for those that have the cred that allows them to "go to the left" without getting roasted for it by heads (see Q-Tip, Andre 3000), or for folks that are only dipping one foot into Hip Hop while they're a bit more firmly entrenched in other forms of music. Outasight hasn't been around quite long enough to fit in the former category, but he's certainly not the latter, making the balance between singing and rapper work for him over soulful production that firmly establishes that his heart is definitely with Hip Hop. There were a couple of occasions where I wished he'd just spit some bars (like his album closing revamp of the Stan Getz sampling Pharcyde joint Runnin', or the motivational/braggadocio track The Get Up), but for the most part I dug it, so give it a shot.

Outasight - Lights, Camera, Action

Outasight - Radio New York | Hit up his MySpace page for more news, and to purchase a physical copy of the album with a free poster.

As a bonus, he's a video for his single Good Evening that just recently won MTVu's The Freshmen competition to get added to its regular rotation:

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