Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Methinks the goon doth protest too much.

In my travels with this thing called Hip Hop I've listened to a lot of different kinds of the music that comes from the culture. You might not know it by what I tend to post up, but I'm a bit of a purveyor of thug rap. Gun rap. Goon music. Shit that makes you wanna punch somebody in the face. I'm done with defending my love of it, but honestly if you don't get it and you've enjoyed stories about gangsters or action flicks, you're missing the point. Ultimately, I make no apologies for it because just like movies about people getting popped in the dome, it's just entertainment. I do like taking the opportunity to get at those who take it too seriously.

Today's subject is Trick Trick, infamous Detroit figure, known by most for being a heavy dude in the streets who just happens to mess around with the music industry and his association with Eminem. He had recently been in the news for returning Yung Berg's chain after the young rapper caught a two-piece with an Ante Up special for talking reckless about Detroit before going to one of their more hospitable nightclubs with no personal security. Berg's problems are another blog post in themselves, but I digress. Trick Trick's recently garnered some attention for his opinions on gay folks. In short, they're not good. In an interview with AllHipHop.com, he recently said the following: "Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album. I don't want your f**got money any goddamn way."

That wasn't the only thing said during the interview, and the word 'tirade' could be applied to it appropriately. Outside of the fact that gay people (or, truthfully, Hip Hop fans in general) weren't exactly chomping at the bit to cop Trick's latest opus, it's always funny to me when rappers like him get super homophobic. Why's that? Because thug rap tends to have some of the more suspiciously homoerotic lines pop up in songs. Consider this little gem from We Deep, a track from the Royce Da 5'9" mixtape, The Bar Exam 2:

Just in case you didn't quite get that, I'll type it out:
"The godfather and the king of the D, leavin' these niggas slept butt-ass naked like they was sleepin' with me."

Courtesy of The Villain himself, Trick Trick. Considering his actual presence in the streets, it's lucky I'm neither a) a prominent Hip Hop blogger or b) planning on going to Detroit anytime soon, but I gotta call it like I sees it.

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