Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ready to work.

So initially I had the idea to finally start my blog tonight, no matter what happened with the election. The post was going to be something along the lines of 'I voted for change' and that was going to connect to how not only so many people my age were ready for a change, but how I was ready for a change in my own life, etc. The turmoil the country's gone through the past few years mirrored the ups and downs I've gone through personally, etc. But when I got home from putting in my ballot I started to work on it...and it came off mad corny. So I just sat. Watched the results. Called my mom. Waited. And waited. Then once my roommate got home from work, the networks were calling it for Obama and McCain was getting ready to deliver his concession speech. So I wrote:

The body is weak
Atrophy threatens to settle in,
But even as the death knell did sound
And last rites were whispered
With reverence, and bowed head,
The chest heaved.
Veins pulsed.
Lungs rattled to life,
And we breathed.
With a shaky hand,
We reached out to our administrator
And requested:
“Pray not that I am prepared for the final journey, Father
Instead, pray for the strength needed
For the work yet to come.”

That's what I wanted to say. That I've felt like my country's been damn near on its last legs for a while. That I've felt like I've been on my last legs for a while. But tonight proved to me that we're not. We're still full of life and we've still got it in us to do something extraordinary.

I'm ready for the work that's yet to come.

On the headphones: Q-Tip feat. President Barack Obama - Shaka

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