Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Night Films

So I had a longer post planned, what with all the new trailers and news that came out this week. There's the new Watchmen trailer, the second part of John Woo's epic period piece (and possible return to form after a largely lackluster American outing) The Battle of Red Cliff, and a new promo reel for Ong-Bak 2. But I thought it was important to bring another film that will be coming to a theater near you next week if it's not already there. It's adapted from a popular novel about a young person who, after feeling out of place and bullied by their peers, befriends another young person that turns out to be a vampire:

If you though I was going to recommend Twilight to you, I refer you to this comic. For a full list of when and where Let The Right One In will be playing near you, click here. Hopefully I'll be checking it out this weekend at The Bridge in San Fran, and I'll hit you off with more info once I do. Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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