Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday: The Doldruming

Not having a job for an extended period after holding down a stressful gig for a couple of years is not providing the perspective that I thought it might. Instead of being able to relax or ponder the possibility of my next job being better than the one I left, I continually picture a life stuck as an office jockey where I've grown too tired and complacent to devote any energy to creative projects.

This doesn't help much when you're attempting to do something creative in-between fits of job searching. But on I rush headlong into work drone oblivion, hurriedly in fact (just got a few rejections last week, applied for two new gigs earlier today) so I'm not sure what that says about me.

Hip Hop, as always, is with me. Here's some joints for you if you're stuck at a job you hate, not working and you hate it, or if you're just a touch bemused that your current situation hasn't shaped up to your liking.

Murs - God's Work

Aesop Rock feat. Breeze Brewin and Cage - Getaway Car

Iller Than Theirs feat. Cool Calm Pete - It Is What It Is

Pigeon John - Crazy

Junk Science - Hey!

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