Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seeya later, homey.

So, my roommate and one of my best friends moved out last night for Texas and given the nature of his departure we didn't get a chance to say proper goodbyes. If I had a choice on how we were going to spend our last few hours as roommates, rather than hurriedly packing his things into his car I probably would've elected to drive around the South Bay listening to Devin the Dude.

We bonded over several things, but nothing more fervently than Hip Hop's answer to the old-school dirty blues musician. A weed-smoking fornicator whose main objective when crafting a song is to make the listener laugh, but he's been known to slip in a few life lessons and valuable truths when you're not looking. His music certainly assisted in the cementing of our friendship, whether it was muscling through knuckleheads to get to to the front of the stage at one of his shows, or simply airing out the week's problems while on a late night drive up and down 101.

I'll miss my friend and hopefully we'll see each other again before too long. For today though, I'll throw on a few of the Devin joints that got a lot of burn in the whip in our travels and hope that on his way back to Texas that he's doing the same.

Devin the Dude - Do What You Wanna Do

Devin the Dude - Almighty Dollar from Waitin' To Inhale

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