Monday, January 5, 2009

Jay Smooth (as usual) Drops Knowledge

I don't do a lot of commenting on blogs or forums, and Jay Smooth of Ill Doctrine fame illustrates why perfectly in this video drop. After Just Blaze posted the video of Jay Smooth's commentary on the Joe Budden vs. Ransom beef (seen here), one of the regulars at Just's site decided to comment on Jay Smooth's decision to speak on rappers beefing while the situation in Gaza is going on. His words:

This Jay Smooth guy is ignorance at its finest.

Firstly, He’s Isreali, and has the ability/opportunity to educate ppl and influence their views. Half the ppl in AMERICA dont know shit about Gaza. But instead, he uses his effort to discuss how ‘beef’ used to be good for hiphop, but now isnt. GTFOH.

Jay Smooth's retort:

This whole situation is my biggest problem with the internets. People talking out turn, or rather, speaking as though they're infinitely informed on subject where they have little to no proper knowledge. Between that and the self-righteousness that comes from people who feel as though the platform the internet affords them equals infallibility, I've wanted to give up on using the internet as a social tool altogether on more than a few occasions.

With this being my first post of the new year, I think I'm going to use Jay Smooth's video as a call for a new movement. I originally gravitated to the internet because along with all the information I had access to, it allowed me to communicate with and befriend a lot of different people who probably wouldn't think to strike up a convo with me away from the keyboard and vice versa. Along the way though, I've definitely found that this ease of use has a flipside and a lot of folks have a tendency to go from zero to asshole in the speed of a keystroke.

We called for change in '08 and got it. I figure for the new year, let's call for civility on the internet. It's a long shot, I know, but we pulled off something crazy before.

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