Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fat Albert in the Hood

I was a pretty big fan of what I heard from P.P.T., with their 2007 album Tres Monos In Love having more than few cuts that made for my traveling music playlist. They managed to mesh 70s, the parts of black R&B in the 80s that I actually enjoyed (see: Cameo, The Time, etc.) and funk with Hip Hop into a final product that came off more sincere and organic than it had any right to.

Ever since then, I'd been looking out for anything that they were up to and a few weeks ago I stumbled upon their latest hijinks:

That's right. Clips from old episodes of Fat Albert, redubbed with new VO and music courtesy of Dilla. Keep your fingers crossed that Cosby doesn't get wind of these, 'cause they're foul-mouthed and wild ig'nant, but damned if they're not funny. Here's episode two, entitled Who's the Baby Daddy, which features a track from AwkQuarius at about 1:15.

AwkQuarius is the new group from the P and T in P.P.T., Pikahsso and Tahiti. The joint's called "Let's Hit the Town" and been in my head on a constant loop ever since I saw the episode. You can cop it fromAmazon or Itunes for just 99 cents.

Head on over to Pikahsso's blog to show your appreciation for the hilarity him and Tahiti are bringing and keep an eye out for more new music from AwkQuarius.

Bonus: Here's the video for one of my favorite P.P.T. joints "When We Was Kool." A slice of 80s/early 90s nostalgia that I've got no problem endorsing.

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Pikahsso allen Poe said...

wow thank you for your support man it means alot

Pikahsso Of AwkQuarius