Monday, January 12, 2009

Links for the Shut-In

I'm sick, so while I'm laid up I'll share what I've been entertaining myself with.

New Fat Albert in the Hood from your boys at WhackPiktures & PikahssOvision:

The episode itself still doesn't top Episode 2 for me, but they've included the in-between show bumpers and a commercial that is CLASSIC.

Videos, as per usual, save the day when it comes to being ill. If you like JRPGs at all and you own an Xbox 360, you need Lost Odysseyin your life right this minute. Old school combat with characters that buck a lot of the Japanese RPG stereotypes combines to make a pretty satisfying experience. Here's that TV spot they did for it a while back with Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" as the soundtrack:

MTV Jams has been indulging in videos from around '98 or so all day, I suppose in an effort to remind you of just how quickly mainstream Hip Hop has declined over the years. I'd kill to hear the sort of stuff I clowned back then on the radio now. Oh how we taunted and jeered at Silk the Shocker's feature on the remix to Cam'ron's "Horse and Carriage" but if only we had known how good we had it back in high school.

Now I'm off to eat something and in all likelihood pass out in front of the terebi...oh dear. They've gone even further back:

Truly, this is a banner day.

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