Wednesday, January 7, 2009

R.I.P. Oscar Grant

One more post and I'm outta here for the night. Quick and to the point, if you don't know about it, Oscar Grant was shot and killed by a BART police officer in at the Fruitvale station on New Years Day. I first heard about it from this news report where they talk about the multiple witness videos that were captured on scene, and there were protests this evening that turned violent. Of course, I've seen reactions here and that echo always comes along with protests going wrong. See the first comment underneath the San Fran Chronicle article I linked to as a good example.

Not that I condone violence of any sort, but seeing as how the initial incident took so long to reach national attention, it is unconscionable to assume that people should simply be quiet about it. Taking action is definitely the move, and a lot of people have already linked to this article from RaceWire detailing 5 things you can do to get involved.

Like I said a while back, we've still got a lot of work to do. The key is not to give the naysayers any reason to shout us down. Use your anger, don't let it use you.

Bonus: Here's a link to Davey D's Breakdown FM show where he interviews John Burris on the incident.

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