Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stuff I Slept On: Little Dragon

I was a fan of the electronic/jazz outfit Koop ever since I heard their album Waltz For Koop back when I was in college. That album had me well ensnared, particularly the contributions of Yukimi Nagano, vocalist on among other songs, "Summer Sun."

Koop - Summer Sun

So a couple of days ago I felt ashamed of myself when I'd only just then found that she gotten together with a new outfit in her native Sweden called Little Dragon. Nagano and her bandmates (three of her high-school friends) fuse together their various influences (electronic, jazz, folk, R&B, among others) to create a sound that is hard to categorize and even harder to deny. Here's a video for "Twice" from their self-titled debut, which I don't think has an American edition for sale, but Amazon has the import for a price that is more than reasonable.

As a bonus, have a couple more tracks, including one that only made the Japanese release of the album, "Fortune"

Little Dragon - Fortune

Little Dragon - Constant Surprises

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