Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Music (Plus Other Stuff): Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish

So you were either nowhere near San Fran, or you just plain couldn't make it to Jeremy Fish's art show Ghosts of the Barbary Coast and are bummed that you couldn't get that new Aesop Rock single they were handing out to go along with peeping all the artwork? Don't sweat it, DJ Regular and Definitive Jux love you. Take a listen to "Tomorrow Morning."

Aesop Rock - Tomorrow Morning

Head on over to Definitive Jux to get a full package of material including "Tomorrow Morning", the instrumental, lyrics, and a Ouicktime slideshow of all the pieces from the show. You have to sign up for an account with Def Jux's storefront, but it gives you access to a slew of other free songs and albums and there's no unwanted emails to worry about.

As for the artwork, I'm personally a fan of Jeremy's stuff and his description of the Ghosts show was particularly interesting: "The artwork in this show is my personal interpretation of some of San Francisco’s more colorful founding folklore. The goal for this show is to gain a better understanding of San Francisco’s formative heroes, and honor them in my drawings, paintings, and sculpture." If you aren't familiar with him already, here's the video for "Pigs" with Jeremy doing a piece.

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